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Post  NURAINRAZI KEW080016 on Tue 19 Jan 2010, 9:37 am

Question 2(a)

YAHOO NEWS : Another church in Malaysia vandalised: spokesman

Newspaper’s link :

My comment regarding the news :

I believe everyone knows this bizarre incident which happened few weeks ago.It is bizarre here,because it occured in Malaysia.This type of harmful act rarely happened in our peaceful country and it is unforgiven.Vandalising a worship place to express your anger will never settle anything,besides it just makes the situation even worse.Not just that,it may also lead to people's death because we are dealing with dangerous equipments.We live in a democracy country where the citizens have the power to voice out their opinions, evaluate one's act and choose our own leader.There is always appropriate ways to find a solution for sensitive issue like this.If we could not discuss this matter for example,in a meeting because it will always end up in a small fight since the topic is way too sensitive and people are strongly-attached to their emotions and sane jugdements are put aside,perhaps this issue should be taken to a higher level by leaving it to the court .Of course the solution may sometimes could not give fullest satisfaction for each and everyone involved but at least it could help in releasing the tense between two parties.As the law has decided,there is nothing else to argue but to obey because I am sure that is for the best.

In Malaysia , people are allowed to embrace any religion which suits them.I had to agree for those who had done this terrible act,they can not be categorized as a religious person.If we were so religious we shall not endanger the safety of others.But sometimes this type of immature act is purposely been done to potray the bad image of other party.This is a real world,there is a lot of possibilities and we should not just believe in fallacies without the effort of seeking for concrete evidence.When we are dealing with sensitive issues such as religions,politic or races,we need to be open minded,try to accept and analyse the issue critically and not just based on our own judgements.Also we should bear in mind to be respectful to others because the world revolves not just around you but everyone.People can respect us but is it based on our appearances?how intelligent we are?social status or fame?.The answer is definitely a "no".It all comes down to one thing, attitude.As a university students,if we could not pay respect for others who maybe differ from our religion or race,it shows how immature we are and our incapability to act professional when we are suppose to do so.It is very important for us to be able to analyse and jugde thing wisely ,at the same time be open minded and respectful to others.These are the factors that I believe will make our negotiation and discussion successful.In this way,there is no doubt that our generation will be able to lead Malaysia with a secure and peaceful environment.

Question 2(b)

Bill Gates: How to Fix Capitalism

Live speech’s source :

My comment regarding the live speech :

Listening through Bill gates view on how to fix creative capitalism has opened my eyes on what the real world has become.Capitalism has definitely enlarge the existing gap between the rich and the poors.He really draws my attention when he pointed out the idea to take the caring,innovation power ,resources and cooperation to get them focusing more on the needs of the poors because capitalism only benefits wealth people.For me he is a really brilliant and responsible man who believes he should contribute to the welfare of the world.He talks on how the big company which already can be considered as super succesful can take part in helping the poor.Those needy people may not have the opportunity to experience a good life.They cant even eat nutrition food, and when they suffer from some diseases,the chances to fully recover is quite low.The reason is simply because they do not get the proper and adequate medication.Those big company had already reach beyond their limit,they could at least give help in donating the money to the people who are really in need.By this effort from all the well-accomplished company,supposedly the burden on government can be greatly reduced.Capitalism has shows how the needy has been left out in this world.but why do still people benefit in inverse proportion to their need?This mainly caused by market incentives.Nowadays the people have put the market status as the highest priority in life without considering those with the most need.Bill gates was trying to change the way we analyse and think.The poors have less power to voice out in market place because people simply neglect them since what is important for the poors will not benefit others who have been involved in market place.They have been priotising profit other than the need of the poors.We should try to avoid being driven away by the reputational status once we have reach a great life.In a system of capitalism, as people's wealth rises, the financial incentive to serve them rises. As their wealth falls, the financial incentive to serve them falls, until it becomes zero. We have to find a way to make the aspects of capitalism that serve wealthier people serve poorer people as well.


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If we were so religious we shall not endanger the safety of others.
Truer words have never been spoken...
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