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Post  NOKMAN KET080021 on Tue 19 Jan 2010, 10:16 am

About my self :

Hi, My name is Muhamad Nokman bin Hamdan. Actually my name is very special, it have its own story, because it was a generation name for my family , every two generation, one of grandchild from my family were get this name, and I have been chosen and very proud of it. I live in Muar, Johor. I was born on 24 Disember 1989 at Hospital Pontian,Johor. I have two brothers and two sisters. My father is working as policeman and my mother is a full time housewife.My study start at SRJK©️ CHI WEN for my primary education for six years. At this time period, I try to make my self comfortable with the environment of the school as you know it was chinese school. I was 1 of 3 malay student at that school and i manage to do that, i just get 2A,3B,2C for my UPSR and manage to learn chinese language. After that I studied at SMK Tun Dr Ismail and S.M.T.J for my secondary education and manage to get 3A,5B for my PMR, and Alhamdullillah 9A for my SPM. Maybe that time i was very lucky because actually i was very lazy person . After that i continue my study at Center of foundation University of Malaya for one years and manage to get cgpa 4.0. Now, I’m study telecommunication engineering at University of Malaya . My passion is invent . My first inventing was when i'm 8 years old.I will always try to make a new invention when I have free time,i have invent my own tiny submarine using recycle bottle actually that time i was 10. I built it with a different concept of my idea not just using ballast tank like the conversional one of today but i try to using the concept of natural like how a fish is moving,i control the submarine using a external wire and of course that time i don't know how to make a wireless system, beside that i also have my own robotic arm that help me doing my project, i built it just using junk material that i found around my house,the other invention i success is like device that can pick up your laundry cloth when it raining,actually all of that is a prototype but i already test it and its really work, now i try to pattern all of my invention. I also like to make programming, I already learn many different type of language.Many of it learn it by my self. i very interested with it and i realize that machine language is actually similar with human language. One of the program that I success is program that can solve very hard of sudoku puzzle only using simple program in excel call “micro”. My ambition is to become a engineer or researcher to make this world better in the future of time. That’s all.

Definition of thinking :

-An internal mental process that uses data or information as input, integrates that information into previous learned material and the result in either knowledge or nothing

-A way of reasoning,judgment

-Process of using your mind carefully

-A mental forms and processes

-Organized flexible mental activity directed at solving problems, answering questions, and , explaining them trying to predict different phenomena then criticizing the answer by means of specific method that utilizes experimental analysis in order to reach law and theories

The type of thinking :

1.critical thinking

This is convergent thinking. It assesses the validity of something existent. It involves precise, persistent, objective analysis. When teacher try to get several learners to think convergently, they try to help them develop common understanding.

2.creative thinking

This is divergent thinking . it generates something new or different. it involves having a different idea that works as well or better than previous ideas.

3.divergent thinking

This type of thinking starts from a common point and moves outward into a variety of perspectives. when fosering divergent thinking, teachers use the content as a vehicle to prompt diverse or unique thinking among student rather than a common view

4.Convergent thinking

This type of thinking is cognitive processing of information around a common point attempt to bring thoughts from different directions into a union or common conclusion.

5.deductive thinking

This type of reasoning moves from the whole to its part, the generalization to underlying concept to examples.

6.inductive thinking

This is the process of reasoning from parts to the wholes, from examples to generalizations.

My type of thingking:

I think I’m a creative thinking, because I always try to solve my problem in the creative way.



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Post  SyarifahNurhanaket080038 on Fri 22 Jan 2010, 2:04 am

the way you introduce yourself is very detail and very particular

well done... Wink


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Post  Leong Jia Wei KEW080013 on Tue 02 Feb 2010, 12:57 am

...and manage to learn chinese language.
Looking forward to the day where we can converse in Chinese Very Happy
Leong Jia Wei KEW080013
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