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1. Comment on a live speech by Anthony Robbins.

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I choose to write about his speech on Musts vs. Shoulds: The Power of Clarity & Purpose.
Anthony Robbins is an American self-help author and motivational speaker. The reason I choose this speech is because we humans always have to choose between musts and should without much clarity and without much purpose. Hence, here I am hoping that some aspects of my life will change after listening to this particular topic.

In the beginning, he talked about the fact that we can live an extraordinary life if and only if we acquire an extraordinary phycology. And the only way to achieve that is by having an extraordinary body state. I must say that all these things are related in an extraordinary kind of way, no pun intended! But how does all this relates to clarity and purpose? Well, since we are contemplating the choice between “must” and “should”, one can only change from “should” to “must” by changing our living standards and our values. And the only way to change that is by living an extraordinary life. Needless to say, with “must” in our lives as a value, our daily actions will become clearer.

Then, he proceeds with a story on life and its rewards. “Life will pay whatever price you ask of it” he said. Obviously this sentence means that our actions and efforts decide what kind of reward life will present us with. And sometimes, or perhaps every time, we need to ask intelligently for us to achieve our goals. By that, I mean that we must ask specifically. This is because, if we ask for a cent, life will definitely present us with just a cent, literally. Perhaps you may question the fact that asking for our utmost desire is easy, what about the obstacles involved?

Well, when we have decided that the plan ahead is the best plan possible, we will surely go after it (I MUST do it). But what if the plan fails (SHOULD I do it?), what should we do to make our ultimate goal a reality? Make enough plans to cover up the loopholes of course! With enough plans in mind, we’re one more step ahead in our quest to conquering our goals; this is synonymous with the line - since it’s possible to do it, then I MUST do it!

With all that said, it’s evident that clarity is important for us to be successful either in our lives or our career. It’s obvious that if we are clear about something, our brain can help us get there faster. And if we are also clear about the results that we are after, that will just be the icing on top of the cake. Besides, knowing why we want something or specifically, what is the purpose of getting it is also important. With clear purpose in mind, the obstacles present with a particular plan can be shielded by strong reasons. This may only be a psychological shield but sometimes, there is no need to move an obstacle away, we can follow an alternative path. Hence, it boils down to the fact that in everything that we do, reason comes first, answers come second.

2. Comment on a live speech by Mario Teguh.

Video Link: First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part

I choose to write about his speech on The Golden Ways: Super Friendship. The reason I choose to write about this topic is because I felt that friendship is something that we thought we knew and sometimes, perhaps even taken for granted. So here I am, listening to one of Mario Teguh’s talk shows, hoping to explore and increase my understanding on this subject.

In the beginning, he talked about our first friend. In fact our first best and true friend is ourselves. This is true for everyone and this special friendship has been with us till now. And for that matter, when we talk to ourselves, the tone is always friendly and understanding with some occasional emotions in the mix. This is not the case when we talk with others. We might be aggressive, protective, and sometimes even selfish. We will even go as far to blame the others on something even we know deep down that we are wrong.

Then we enter the stage where we make friends with the others. All was well in the beginning. But after a while, when conflicts of different sizes started to occur, we will try to neutralize the conflicts. This is when we started to think why can’t he or she change to suit me? We are always hoping that people will change to be friend with us. But the fact is, we can change ourselves to befriend the others. And sometimes, it is crucial to listen with an open heart on what our friends has got to say on a certain subject. Sometimes, a smile is enough to show that you care. And when both parties practise the same thing, this is when both parties embark on a fun and long lasting friendship together.

You may ask, what about those people that have become our enemies? Well, I bet people may answer: convert our enemies into our friends! Honestly, this is not an easy task. According to Mario Teguh, we can try to be respected and be trusted by our enemies. However, getting people to respect us is not something achievable in one day; it has got to be accumulated. You may proceed to ask, what if all efforts fails? Well, we can look at our enemies as something to push us further – something for us to excel because when it comes to friends and enemies, it’s always better to keep our friends close, but our enemies closer.

A positive thing about talk shows is that the audiences are allowed to ask questions. This is a good thing to do as it lets the speaker address real and daily situations directly from the audiences. And in this case, Mario Teguh did not disappoint. However, I find it strange that the questions posed by the audiences are not all related to friendship, some of the questions are about the ways of life. It is not that I have anything against those questions since friendship is also a way of life; it is just that those questions had made the talk somehow lost focus of its original topic, which is on friendship.

Finally, it is evident that friendship is a way for a few parties to achieve goodness in life. Therefore it is important for us to respect our friends. And the way to do that is to be friendly to ourselves first. Learn to care and respect ourselves, as good will surely follow.

3. Comment on a live speech by the person of your choice.

Video Link: First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part

I choose to comment on a speech by Bill Gates. The speech is given at one of Harvard’s commencement ceremonies; hence the speech is aptly named “Bill Gates Speech at Harvard”! But this is not your normal encourage-graduates-to-lead-successful-lives speech, his speech this time calls out to the various inequities that has marred the world till now.

I suppose what are the inequities that are currently plaguing the world? Well, we can say poverty, disease and perhaps even the fact that 5 out of 10 people in this world still got no internet access. These are the inequities that exist now. He continues to argue that human discoveries in various fields can be applied to tackle inequities. In other words, the technology that we develop can help us make the most out of the resources that we have to eradicate poverty, disease and the world’s worst inequities. Sadly, this is not what happens today.

You see, the situation right now is that the interventions that can eradicate inequities are not delivered. For some under privileged countries, lethal viruses that kills are still a threat to the children of said countries; whereby for us, we have already been vaccinated a long time ago. One may ask why does the government or the people does not do anything? Is it because the market does not reward saving the lives of those children? Or is it the fact that some governments would not subsidies the vaccines but invest on weaponry instead? Such ugly truth forces us to conclude that one of the worst inequities is that life is not of the same value everywhere on the globe and some lives are worth saving, some are not!

In the end, some people concluded that inequities has been with us since the dawn of civilization and will continue to plague us till the end of time. And the sole reason for such a conclusion is that people just don’t care. But for those who do, they just don’t know what to do to eradicate inequities. Bill Gates argue that if one was to solve problems on inequities, one must first see the problem, then think of a solution and finally visualize the impact. Yes, this is quite a complex routine especially in the finding of a solution part. But little do we know that, a simple question like “how can I help?” is enough.

The fact that Bill Gates calls out to Harvard graduates to take on the world worst inequities is indeed a visionary move. But he said that we must show statistics to prove we are indeed eradicating inequities so that we can draw investments from business and the government. In my humble opinion, this is alright in terms of drawing in investments either for the sake of improving the program or otherwise. But, in terms of eradicating inequities, we must show more than numbers to get people to participate. We must convey the human impact of the program so that eradicating inequities will not sound like a business gimmick only for the sake of generating profits for certain parities or the government.

In the end, he encourages Harvard's faculty and students to take on the world's worst inequities because “to those whom much is given, much is expected”. I totally agree!
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Anthony Robbins is really a very very good motivational speaker. I like to listen to his speech. It is really feel a bit different after listening to his speech.
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