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Post  SyarifahNurhanaket080038 on Tue 09 Feb 2010, 4:07 pm

Speaker:Mario Teguh


I have choose 'cahaya dari Tanah Suci' speech by Mario Teguh because I'm interested in the way his delivered his message n what is his trying to deliver. This speech is divided into two part, firstly, knowledge and secondly, love.

In his part of speech, knowledge, he has interpret knowledge by using Surah iqra'. Iqra' means read. From this Surah, he has explain how important is the knowledge for us to understand,think and practice in our daily life. I agree on his statement that knowledge only can be delivered into two ways only, been taught and understand and think about the knowledge that been taught to us. Only and only if we really understand and make up our mind to think on what we have learn trough out our life,then that the point when the knowledge become meaningful. He also said that Al-Quran is full of knowledge, and it can't be deniable because if we study and really understand the word in Al-Quran, it not only taught us about religious but it also taught us other knowledge such as chemical,medication,law, and all aspect that involving in our life. So, what I can conclude here, we have to think and understand on what have been taught to us so we can see the beauty of knowledge.

Second part of his speech,love, he said that in love, is not only about being together, but also try to built up the friendship relation between ourselves and our soul-mate because it is the key of strengthening our love. We also can pray to Allah to be together with some one you love and hope our love last forever. During our pray, we must trust and truly believe to Allah and to our own choice.

Speaker:Anthony Robbins


speech title 'shift your focus' by Anthony Robbins,is about how you shift your ritual focus to another, he said that the most powerful way to control your focus is through the use of question. Meaning that if we questioning our focus and how to shifting our focus, then we will get the answer if we are really thought what we are focus on.

In this speech, he did mention 'doing a right job at the right time'.Means that don't do something useless and stop wasting time by only focusing on one subject or ritual. So, we have to arrange our time properly, because time is most valuable thing in our life and irreplaceable. He also urge us to looking for our desire ,so, we really can focus on it. Try to change our ritual and routine by shifting our attitude .Always focus on what we find by changing our focus and phsycology.

His speech has it on logical because sometime we miss out what we find in our life by focusing on many unnecessary thing in our life. It is a need for us to shifting our focus on what we desire by questioning ourselves what we really want in our life and after we find the answer, don't waste time and do right thing at the right time, and make use every second in our life so that our life become meaningful .

speaker: J.k Rowling


J.k Rowling was given an honored to give a commencement speech at Harvard University. She said about benefit of being failure. When she was in college,she too busy writing her novel until she miss many of classes,and she fail to get the good result and jobless. Stating from her dark era in life, she strive to doing something that can satisfied her heart and desire by writing a novel. Then she put 110% her effort and spent most of her time finishing her novel. She succeed it. So, do not afraid to fail because there is impossible to life without failure because sometime failure made you even stronger to survive and strive to achieve your goal, but don't repeating the same mistake that can bought you to same failure.

She also said that don't live for living other life and thought, follow your heart by doing what you really want to do,and don't blame other because giving you a wrong direction because when you are adult enough to take the wheel, responsible is be with you. Means that as adult we are mature enough to follow our own path and you must climbing to be successive on your own.

This speech has inspired me because we can strive to success and never give up on what we working on. Like the lyric of Crawl, by Chris Brown”Can we crawl, until we walk again, can we run until until we strong enough to jump, then we fly until there is no wind”.So, don't afraid to be failure, because as a human we must crawl and climbing from our failure to achieve our goal.


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Post  Leong Jia Wei KEW080013 on Thu 11 Feb 2010, 2:49 am

Like the lyric of Crawl, by Chris Brown”Can we crawl, until we walk again, can we run until until we strong enough to jump, then we fly until there is no wind”.
Consider The Climb by Miley Cyrus, its a good song too. Cool
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