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Post  Abdullah KEW080001 on Sat 20 Feb 2010, 1:59 pm


This talk is focusing on how to build or improve your leadership and relationships with people around you.
He talks about how many people who seldom thinks about the future to do things and always keep on hesitating because he/she afraid of the unknown outcomes. There are lot of ways to solve this problem where we can do things alone. One of it is, we must have a friend who has a sharp mind and a great instinct. This can also make us gain knowledge and improve our ability to adept to any kind of situations. But, be remind that friend won't always be there for you so we must built experience by doing things our self and ask people if necessary. I totally agree with his saying that people who helps others or guide them always in a better place than others. This is because, they can see what other people problems and it cause, than thinking the way of solving it and avoiding it from happening at themselves. Moreover, the harder the problem the bigger responsibility that we have to do to help others.
People that has the capability and know how to do things always be respected by others. If we don't have the capability to do our chores as a leader, we can always ask our subordinate or friend to help us. Anyway, we must always remember that although we have the capability to do things, but if we are not righteous we will be disrespected.


Effective leader have the ability to consistently move themselves and others to action because they understand the "invisible forces" that shape us. For me, everyone is a leader, a leader for themselves or others but what the most important part of being a leader is the ability to adapt. And this is only possible if you are the effective leader.
'Needs' play this role of motivating us or pushing us towards contribution to society. It's all about fulfillment, which is the appreciation and contribution.
Once we know what to do, we will thrive to do it in a way of fulfilling our needs of emotion, physical and spiritual.
But not everyone can achieve those needs in the grand way they wanted it to, some doesn't even get the chance to do it. Moreover, in some fortunate events, they get what the wanted, more than they need it in a good way.
The reasons why they fail to achieve their goal can be time, money, technology, management.
If we have the right emotion, or enough resources we can make it happens. When we don't have the enough money, or resources to do it. But if we creative and determine enough we can find the way. And this is the ultimate resources.
Decisions shape the destiny.
And what shape the decision is the world. Where we live in, how we going to live, and why. People around the world share something in common, which is needs.


After the injury from playing rugby, he suffers from the spinal cord injury which make him disable from moving and he can hardly eats, talks, and breaths. On the moment of his recovery, he never gave up on living which giving me the inspirational that people who can't move doesn't means he can't contribute.Make a different or make a change.
Family and friends can support us to make the different. That's what he said and I totally agree with it. Rather than just sits back and waiting for cures. He built a foundation named Perry Cross Foundation to raise the awareness about the spinal cord or the paralysis problem.He also donates and contributed to the research about the paralysis cures. Spinal cord contains what we can call it as a wire which connectsthe brain to the muscle. They carries the information from the skin to the brain, and the brain can give command to various muscles to create movement.When someone suffers spinal cord injury, essentially the wires gets cut off. The research is to regrow these wires and make connection back with the muscles so, the function can be restored.
What people don't realize about the cure for paralysis is that it may also contribute to become a cure for others relative disease such as Parkinson. As a student of engineering, it is our total responsibility to built things for the filling the needs of mankind. Weather we are blind or disable, does not mean we are not an able person to contribute things to society.

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Post  Leong Jia Wei KEW080013 on Tue 23 Feb 2010, 2:04 am

But, be remind that friend won't always be there for you so we must built experience by doing things our self and ask people if necessary.
Agreed. "Self-upgrade" is always important. Cool
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